Renaisens is a pun between Renaissance and the Sens, for the reborn the earth need and all the perception we have of fashion and the world, what surrounds us.  

Renaisens wants to be an awakening of the consciousness toward a better world. The sustainability is at the heart of our preocupation and we want to be part of the reborn of the earth, striving to be a wake up call for the collective counscious. 

We also are really inspired by nature, textures, and all the senses. The touch of the fabrics, the way you feel when you are wearing our creations. Renaisens want to share with you our vision of the world

Our Lifestyle

Renaisens is inspired by party lifestyle, an ode to a lifestyle that makes you feel confident and free.

We want you to live like us: not following the society’ dictates, partying all night long when you want, traveling as much as you can, just enjoying life everyday, enjoying every part of it, being well dressed and fairly dressed !

Renaisens design clothing for modern and quality conscious people with a sustainable approach. For those who want to make a difference, who are living their life everyday peacefully, in harmony with other people and nature. For those who love to express their style and confidently embrace their uniqueness.

Sustainable Fashion

Did you know the the fashion industry reject a lot of harmful substances and dirty water while producing clothes ?
Renée.V try to lower the impact on the environnement in its production, while respecting people that work for the industry. We are working with suppliers that respect earth, people and animals. We are sourcing fabrics and fournitures that are labelized Oeko-Tex or GOTS.
We are making sure that all the little hands that wonderfully make it happen are working in good conditions.


Slow Fashion

Renaisens is part of the slow-fashion movement. The slow fashion movement is in opposition to fast fashion. Which means that we are not following the big fashion calendar and its seasons. Renaisens created powerful and timeless designs, yet fashionable, that don’t change every season but that we adapt and twist through time. 

We are producing in small batches or unique pieces, to keep exclusivity for our customer and reduce waste.